I want

I want a pool.

I want a woodshop for my husband.

I want wine.

I want to be thinner.

I want my house to be whole.

I want my parents to live forever.

I want my children to be happy.

I want nice weather.

I want wisdom.

I want inner peace.

6 thoughts on “I want

  1. I have a “want” list too. I created an aspiration board with my best friend years ago, forgot about it, and oddly enough after finding it again, I discovered I’d achieved a great deal! Maybe the power of writing a list makes us more driven or accountable toward helping it happen? Not sure, but loved your slice. 🙂

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  2. I associate “I want, I want, I want” with toddlers, but you have echoed what I am feeling so completely! I am working on having through imagination – lol!

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